The best universities in Australia for postgraduate study for 2020

Are you considering your options for postgraduate study in Australia? Check out the postgraduate rankings on Australian universities by The Good Universities Guide

This data reveals statistics and rankings of universities across Australia, allowing you to make informed decisions when selecting a university for postgraduate study.

These rankings are intended to be used as indicators that you can use to identify and shortlist the right universities to suit your own needs, preferences and circumstances.

Postgraduate ratings by university

Ratings are divided into eight categories and can be filtered by location if you already know where you’d like to study. Here, we've summarised a few of these categories, along with the two universities that scored highest.

Overall Experience

This rating looks at the proportion of students who were satisfied with the overall quality of their educational experience. University of New England ranked highest with 82.5% satisfaction, followed by The University of Notre Dame Australia with 82.10%.

Teaching Quality

Teaching quality refers to the extent to which students felt lecturers and tutors actively engaged them in and demonstrated concern for learning, provided clear explanations of coursework and assessment, inspired them intellectually, seemed helpful and approachable and provided useful feedback on work.

This rating looks at the proportion of students who were satisfied with the quality of teaching they experienced. The University of Notre Dame Australia was the highest-ranked university with 87.1% and Federation University Australia placed second with a score of 86.10%.

Full-time Employment

The percentage score here relates to the proportion of graduates who had full-time employment four months after completing their course. University of Tasmania took the top spot with 91.6%, followed by both The University of Notre Dame Australia and Charles Sturt University, who both had 91.5%.

Graduate Salary

This rating compares the median salary of graduates from different universities. The university that ranked highest is UNSW Sydney with a median graduate salary of $100,000. Second place goes to CQUniversity with $99,100.

Postgraduate ratings by field of study

Want to get more specific? You can also view ratings for postgraduate courses by subject or field of study — just click the ‘Course Ratings’ tab on this page and start searching!

For example:

Visit The Good Universities Guide website to view all rankings for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. 

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