This section provides information about how to make the most of your study in Australia, as well as a guide to what you can expect if you're heading to university or further study for the first time.

09th December 2019

4 online learning websites to boost your employability

Find out how you can upskill from home.

27th November 2019

Five Reasons to study hospitality in Australia

Hospitality is globally thriving. To join this industry, learning the key skills has become easier with institutions and

11th October 2019

5 reasons to study with TAFE NSW

Are you looking for a quality, personalised education in Australia that will allow you to reach your potential and achieve long-term success? 

25th September 2019

Tools to help improve your academic English

Learning to speak and write English is one thing, but once you arrive at university, you’re likely to encounter all kinds of unfamiliar words and phrases that are specific to classrooms, lectures and textbooks.

10th September 2019

The cost of living in Australia for international students in 2019

A guide to what you will be spending your hard earned cash on if you choose to study in Australia.

19th July 2019

Courses that can lead to permanent residency in Australia

From accounting and teaching to automotive and engineering, the range of courses is very broad.

03rd April 2019

There’s a place for you in Melbourne: Harriyadi's Story

Read about Harriyadi's experience as a student in Melbourne. 

18th March 2019

What is it like to study in regional Victoria?

Federation University Australia (Fed Uni) has capital city campuses, but did you know its larger campuses are in regional centres? 

06th March 2019

There's a place for you in Melbourne: Linh's Story

Read about Linh's experience as a student in Melbourne. 

07th February 2019

There’s a place for you in Melbourne: Jirayut’s story

Read about Jirayut's experience as a student in Melbourne. 

14th November 2018

How can we support international students in Australia?

Knowing where to find support will help to make your Australian study experience a positive one. 

08th August 2018

Top five courses for permanent residency in Australia

We look at the qualifications that could lead to a permanent stay Down Under. 

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