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Read about everyday life in Australia, and find out everything you need to know about applying to university or other tertiary institutions in Australia.
Benefits of studying in regional Australia
Attending a regional university gives you the chance to study, work and immerse yourself in the local community. You’ll also create networks and opportunities for employment!

06 Apr 2020

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Great options for student accommodation in Australia

Here are five great student residences around Australia that might help with your planning.

28 Feb 2020

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2019 changes to driver licence rules in Victoria

If you are already living in Victoria and are driving with an overseas or interstate licence, you have six months from 29 October 2019 to convert to a Victorian licence.

29 Nov 2019

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5 things to consider before opening an Australian bank account

So, you’ve decided to study in Australia. One of your first priorities should be ensuring that your money is accessible and most importantly, safe!

31 Oct 2019

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How to enrol children into Australian high schools

Australia offers quality education options, and reports have shown that Australia is part of the top 10 countries for international students.

08 Oct 2019

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An easier pathway to permanent residency in Australia

Everything you need to know about the Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189).

20 May 2019

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Explaining Anzac Day

Anzac Day holds a special place in the heart of Australians and New Zealanders.

24 Apr 2019

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