Whether you’re in school, at university, or looking to come to Australia on a study tour, the following news sections will provide you with everything you need to know about studying in Australia — from submitting applications to getting a job. 

11th October 2019

5 reasons to study with TAFE NSW

Are you looking for a quality, personalised education in Australia that will allow you to reach your potential and achieve long-term success? 

08th October 2019

How to enrol children into Australian secondary schools

Australia offers good quality of education to young children. Reports have shown that Australia is part of the top 10 countries for International students.

25th September 2019

Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide listed in the top 10 most liveable cities

The results are in on the 2019 Global Liveability report, and Australian cities have maintained their status with Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide ranking second, third and tenth respectively.

25th September 2019

Tools to help improve your academic English

Learning to speak and write English is one thing, but once you arrive at university, you’re likely to encounter all kinds of unfamiliar words and phrases that are specific to classrooms, lectures and textbooks.

18th September 2019

What kinds of jobs will exist in the future?

Technology is evolving at a faster rate than ever before. This means some jobs and industries are disappearing and others are changing quickly. 

10th September 2019

The cost of living in Australia for international students in 2019

A guide to what you will be spending your hard earned cash on if you choose to study in Australia.

28th August 2019

5 great options for student accommodation in Australia

Here are five great student residences around Australia that might help with your planning.

28th August 2019

Why undergraduates are getting in early on MBAs

A growing number of undergraduates are pursuing an MBA shortly after completing their bachelor degree - could it be the right move for you?

27th August 2019

Top Victorian schools for international students

 Here are some examples of top schools that accept international students in Victoria.

19th July 2019

Courses that can lead to permanent residency in Australia

From accounting and teaching to automotive and engineering, the range of courses is very broad.

06th June 2019

Scholarships for International students

Studies in Australia's 2019/2020 guide to choosing the right scholarship for your Australian higher education. 

20th May 2019

An easier pathway to permanent residency in Australia

Everything you need to know about the Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189).

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