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Extension for regional graduates on the 485 Visa

Changes have been made to the Post-Study Work Stream of the Temporary Graduate Visa 485 that may allow you to stay longer.
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Tips for working in Australia

Don't let a dodgy employer take advantage of you.

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How to write a CV when studying and working in Australia

As an international student, you are entitled to work up to 40 hours per fortnight to support yourself, so you’ll probably need a CV.

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Bad practice: A guide to avoiding exploitation at work

Don't let dodgy employers take advantage of you.

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Will 457 changes deter international students?

Students from South Asia have their say. 

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Working in Australia: Understanding your rights

It's important to know your rights as an employee

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Tips for finding part-time work in Australia

Working part time in Australia offers a number of benefits, including the opportunity to gain new skills and experience, make new friends or simply earn some extra spending money.

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The facts about Australian permanent residency (PR)

If you are currently studying in Australia or would like to do so in the future, the prospect of gaining Australian permanent residency (PR) might be on your mind.
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Five advantages of Australian work experience

Five advantages of Australian work experience Did you know that international students can work part time during their Australian study experience? We explore five advantages of taking on work experience during your course.
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