Study in South Australia (SA)

Adelaide is a city that is cultured and dynamic, inspiring and surprising. Home to more than one million – including people from virtually every country in the world – Adelaide prides itself on making its 30,000 international students feel welcome.

Adelaide recently took out one of the top 20 spots in a British survey ranking the liveability of 140 of the world's major centres. Australian cities filled five of the top places, with Adelaide in 11th position. While the city offers the same lifestyle and quality education opportunities as other cities in Australia, it is 24 per cent more affordable than Sydney, 20 per cent more affordable than Melbourne and 9 per cent more affordable than Perth. In Adelaide, international students can afford to enjoy a lifestyle that balances study with the best that Australia has to offer. As the locals will tell you, it’s not just a place to live, it’s a place to enjoy life. The city is a stage for art and music festivals, and everybody is invited to take part. The educational heart of Adelaide sits alongside a bustling city centre that combines business, shopping, accommodation and entertainment.

Adelaide's Mediterranean climate is perfect for people who enjoy outdoor, healthy, vibrant lifestyles and the city's residents enjoy clean, sandy beaches and scenic hills, both about 30 minutes drive from the city centre.

Three reasons to choose an Adelaide University

  1. We’ve produced more Nobel Laureates than any other Australian city
  2. The University of Adelaide is one of the oldest in Australia and remains one of the nation’s highest ranking institutions (particularly when it comes to research)
  3. You can live in Australia and earn an American or British degree.

Universities in Adelaide

Adelaide has always been a trailblazer when it comes to university education. The University of Adelaide was one of the first campuses in the world to open its doors to women (some 50 years before Cambridge and Oxford). The city has produced three Nobel winners – more than any other Australian capital – and some 100 Rhodes scholars. Adelaide’s three long-established universities have been popular with international students for many years and continue to sit high on international listings.

Recently, Adelaide’s reputation as Australia’s learning city has been boosted by the arrival of two of the world’s best universities:

Carnegie Mellon Heinz College Australia 
University College London (UCL)

Study Options in SA

There are four universities in Adelaide, in addition to a range of private higher education providers and TAFE institutes.

The student population is around 84,000, with 26 per cent of students coming from overseas. A further 11 per cent of domestic students are from other states and territories around Australia.

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English language colleges in South Australia:
Southern Cross Education Institute (SCEI) - English Language
TAFE South Australia (TAFE SA) — English Language

Private colleges in South Australia:
Endeavour College of Natural Health
Southern Cross Education Institute (SCEI)

TAFE institutes in South Australia:
TAFE South Australia (TAFE SA)

Universities in South Australia:
Carnegie Mellon University Australia
University of Adelaide
University College London
University of South Australia

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