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ACU is committed to providing equal access to education for all and providing an experience that will empower students to think critically, ethically and to bring about change in their communities and professions.

Alvaro Rezende, Brazil

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

I enjoy being a student at ACU, because it gives me the opportunity to develop my career by offering short study abroad programs as well as practical experience programs that will help me get the job that I want. ACU offers a program called the International Core Curriculum that allows you to study a unit overseas as a part of your studies (in Beijing, New York, Rome and Leeds). I love travelling and exploring different cultures, so I thought why not combine my studies and travel together. I went to Beijing during the winter break. Shanghai was by far the best part of the trip and I got to know and to understand so much about China, which was fascinating. I also made some great life-long friends during my trip. It was an amazing experience, which will also help me professionally in the future. I would say this is the university I had always been looking for - great staff, lecturers and students! I would recommend it to others because of the many opportunities given to me at ACU.

Ngoc Vo, Vietnam

Master of Commerce (Major in Marketing)

Gaining basic skills such as communication, management, and customer behaviour have significantly benefitted my career. They have strengthened my knowledge and ability to pass job interviews and handle the job well. Working in groups and participating in different activities has helped me gain confidence and the soft skills for all work situations. I really enjoyed studying at ACU. What I really liked was the class size and cultural diversity. The class was perfect as it allowed us to approach the lecturer easily when we had questions. The class was very interactive, so everyone got to know each other, and the lecturer easily remembered our names. I had the opportunity to make friends with people from all over the world including Japan, Columbia, Holland, France and of course Australia. I also loved the campus – everything from the classrooms to the library and canteen. The teachers and academic staff were great too!

Sayan Kaiser, Nepal

Bachelor of Information technology

Support is what makes ACU special, for any new student, and especially an international student like me. I was facing a new country, new culture, different norms and a whole new society, but when I started my degree, I never felt that in the classroom. My tutors were fantastic and they always appreciated that I had made a massive life change, but with a clear purpose in mind. My three years learning experience has helped me in different areas including leadership, being a team player, management and communication. One of the key things that ACU taught me was to be confident, believe in yourself and learn from your errors. I work in an industry where you apply new things every day and it requires confidence.

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