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This section provides information about how to make the most of your study in Australia, as well as a guide to what you can expect if you're heading to university or further study for the first time.
Five reasons you should study in Melbourne

There's more to Melbourne than Hosier Lane and Flinders Street Station. 

13 Jun 2018

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Does university acceptance improve my visa chances?

Discover more about the relationship between getting into university and obtaining a student visa. 

14 May 2018

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English language tests — Which one is right for you?

Compare the English tests used in Australia for student visa applications. 

04 May 2018

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Simple everyday ways to improve your English

Change your thinking, utilise the media and get yourself a mirror. 

15 Mar 2018

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An international student’s guide to changing courses and education providers

If you're not happy with your course or provider, we've answered a few of the questions you might have. 

26 Feb 2018

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Top 10 reasons to do an internship

What do Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg all have in common? They all started their careers as interns!

18 Feb 2018

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Looking after your health in Australia
Many international students who come to Australia are living away from home and their family for the first time. With your family overseas, it is very important for you to look after your health.

20 Nov 2017

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