Five Reasons to study hospitality in Australia

Hospitality is globally thriving. To join this industry,learning the key skills has become easier with institutions and schools popping up everywhere. If you are considering going into hospitality, here are some key reasons as to why now is the perfect time to study it in Australia.

Hospitality is a growing industry = lots of jobs

The amount of jobs hospitality is creating on a global scale places it in the upper echelon of growing industries. The hospitality sector encompasses a wide range of skills, ranging from accommodation to wine tourism, meaning there are a multitude of different jobs opening up in varying types of workplaces. The Australian Industry and Skills Committee predicted in September this year that an additional 91,000 jobs would be created by the hospitality sector in the next five years, growing the employment rate of this industry by 12.1 per cent. This isn’t relevant to just Australia either – the booming nature of tourism in all continents means the need for more hotels, restaurants and licensed venues are always rising.

Hospitality skills are useful anywhere in the world

Serving people in restaurants, hotels or accommodation is a global skill that surpasses language. That’s why plenty of international students flock to Australia to learn these fundamentals before jetting off to work in other exciting places.

Australia has a stellar food and wine reputation

Think Melbourne’s coffee culture, Sydney’s restaurants and the many cities with a thriving nightlife — not to mention the vast world-class wine regions and the booming craft brewery industry. What better place to learn the ropes!

Studying in Australia is practical and easy

Many courses provide on-site facilities to hone your skills, creating an easy environment to learn and thrive in the industry. Studying in Australia can offer a hands-on and practical learning environment, with many TAFEs and Registered Training Organisations having their own onsite restaurant for you to learn in a real-life setting.

The environment and atmosphere perfectly fits the hospitality industry

Being able to meet new people and enjoy your time with other customers while making money is always a positive for working in the food and beverage industry. Learning in Australia a perfect place to develop skills and practice them in an extremely rewarding and fun-loving environment for the hospitality industry.

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