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5 things international students can do over the summer break

The summer break looks different for most people this year – here are some ideas how to make the most of your time off study.
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The best universities in Australia to study architecture in 2021

Find out which Australian universities with undergraduate degrees in architecture performed best in full-time employment, overall experience and learner engagement.
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Where are the best places to work in Australia in 2020?

This year’s report is especially interesting, given the disruption to all industries due to COVID-19.
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The top-ranking Australian universities for 2021

These ratings provide a series of rankings and insights on Australian universities, helping you in the decision-making process when deciding where to study. 
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The best universities in Australia to study accounting

We looked at which Australian universities with undergraduate degrees in accounting performed best in different categories.
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Benefits of studying in regional Australia

Attending a regional university gives you the chance to study, work and immerse yourself in the local community. You’ll also create networks and opportunities for employment!
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4 ways being bilingual can benefit your career

Here are just four ways, learning a new language may help you in your career.
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Looking after your wellbeing as a student

Whether you've just arrived or are a couple of years into your course, there are certain areas of your life to keep in check to ensure your overall wellbeing is at its best
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