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Scholarships for International students

Studies in Australia's 2019/2020 guide to choosing the right scholarship for your Australian higher education. 

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Announcement of regional scholarships for international students

Regional areas are on the agenda for the Federal Government's international education prospects.

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Applying for a scholarship to study in Australia

Follow these simple tips to give yourself the best chance of earning a scholarship.

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Does university acceptance improve my visa chances?

Discover more about the relationship between getting into university and obtaining a student visa. 

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What international students need to know about foundation and bridging courses


For many international students, it is the ideal pathway into a full-time undergraduate degree. 

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An international student’s guide to changing courses and education providers

If you're not happy with your course or provider, we've answered a few of the questions you might have. 

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Build your employability over the holidays

It's easier than you think to bolster your CV before heading back to university. 

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Changes to the 457 visa: What does it mean for international students?

The 457 visa overhaul will be implemented in less than a year. 

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