There are 78 scholarships in Australian Capital Territory

Fields of study: Economics, Language & Literature, ELICOS course, Creative Arts, Surveying, Sciences, Personal Services, Medicine, Pharmacy, Food & Hospitality, Architecture, Social Work, Computing & Information Technology, Engineering & Technology, Health Services & Support, Sport, Leisure & Recreation, Business & Management, Humanities & Social Sciences, Education & Training, Law, Tourism, General Education & Employment Skills, Communications, Environmental Studies, Veterinary Studies & Animal Care, Legal Studies, Nursing, Built Environment, Rehabilitation, Welfare & Community Services, Mathematics, Accounting, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Psychology, Dental Studies

Locations: ACT

Closing Date: 31 October

Westende Travelling Scholarship

Australian National University

Fields of study: Creative Arts

Locations: ACT

Fields of study: Law

Locations: ACT

Closing Date: Mid January

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