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How to survive in a group assignment

Have you been keeping in touch with your group members lately?
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How to avoid plagiarism

Here are some of the first steps you’ll need to take to avoid committing plagiarism
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5 ways to make study more enjoyable

Studying has a bit of a reputation as being boring by nature. But who says making it fun is a crime?  
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5 places to find cheaper textbooks

We've listed our five best recommendations for where you can purchase textbooks at a cheaper price.
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The international students’ complete guide to studying in Australia

Discover everything you need to know about living, studying and enjoying life in Australia as an international student. 

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Five challenges international students face and how to overcome them

There are ways for international students to prosper in the Australian university sector

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How to maintain a healthy lifestyle during exams

The end of semester leaves one thing on students' minds: exams. We offer our best healthy study tips.
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Practical study tips for international students

Maintaining good study habits is the best way to succeed in your course. Read on as we offer our best study tips for international students.
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Study tips

This section provides information about how to make the most of your study in Australia, as well as a guide to what you can expect if you're heading to university or further study for the first time.
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