Eltham College

Eltham College

Established in 1974, ELTHAM College is a modern, non-denominational, co-educational independent school offering Early Learning to Year 12. We offer a unique and supportive environment where students can pursue their interests through their study, and grow into lifelong, world-ready learners.

  • Clarence Wei

    International students at ELTHAM College are equipped with opportunities and challenges that cultivate our universal knowledge and enhance our international capabilities. Reflecting on when I first joined the College, I never imagined that I would aim to become a global elite and achieve all the honours that a student could. All my success and enjoyment over my time in Australia are attributed to the professional care and nurturing that I received from everyone at ELTHAM. Regardless of individual background, all foreign students are assisted by the specialist team which pumps energy consistently for our wellbeing. Under this effective guidance, every student is encouraged to overcome their own problems and to engage in the diverse school culture. For my career, the Humanities team of ELTHAM College inspired me in depth and with unlimited academic information, which has positioned me to aim to pursue a career as a Geographer and to contribute to the health and sustainability of the world in the future.
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    Cyn Liu

    University is not as scary as I thought it would be because ELTHAM College made me capable of facing any challenges. Although sometimes, there are things that you cannot do all by yourself. We have lots of group work at university, which require strong leadership and teamwork. When people don't cooperate and listen to each other, they fail the group work. Luckily, I learnt a lot about teamwork and leadership from being a School Captain at ELTHAM and from our Principal Simon. I also chose to study International Business as my university course because of ELTHAM College. I spent 15 years in China before I came to Australia. I never knew what my passion was or what I really wanted to do in my future. At ELTHAM College I was given so many opportunities and space to build my own interest and to find my passion. You are not alone when chasing your dreams, because teachers and staff will try their best to help and to guide you.
  • Yulia Cai

    ELTHAM College is a place of learning for young people. More important than the satisfying VCE ATAR score I gained from ELTHAM were the learning habits I developed, such as verbalising opinions and being open minded. Moving to a new country can be a difficult journey; however, thanks to ELTHAM College I have tackled different cultures and overcome hardships. I appreciate what I have learnt at ELTHAM, my ability to think independently and critically and to enjoy the learning process!
  • Website: www.elthamcollege.vic.edu.au




    The uniform is compulsory and enforced
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