Eltham College

Established in 1974, ELTHAM College is a modern non-denominational, coeducational independent school offering Early Learning to Year 12. ELTHAM College provides a unique, supportive and challenging environment dedicated to preparing students for their future careers. The College cultivates a culture where students become passionate thinkers, fostering lifelong, world-ready learners. 

ELTHAM College creates an environment where students maximise their unique potential; becoming confident, passionate and resilient. Students are introduced to unlimited learning opportunities, supported by a technology rich environment and guided by a community of exceptional educators. 

The College is dedicated to internationalism and with student exchange programs and select overseas school partnerships, our international student program is highly valued within the school community. We strive to ensure that our international student cohort makes up only a small percentage of the College’s total student population; this fosters strong relationships with local students and the local community.



ELTHAM College has a breadth of curriculum which allows students to follow their aspirations and abilities. Courses are studied in small teacher-led groups and supported by tutorials and field trips. Specialty subjects are available to international students such as English as an Additional Language (EAL), Australian Perspectives and English Pathways, as well as the opportunity for students to study their native language. 

The College recommends students commence study in the Senior School level. This enables them to build a solid English language foundation and become comfortable in a new learning environment prior to commencing VCE. Senior School international students participate in the LifeSkills Program which develops cultural understanding and covers wellbeing issues. The LifeSkills Program prepares students for life after school.

Year 11 and Year 12 are dedicated to the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) program, in which students study towards a high school graduation certificate. This certificate provides entry not only into Australian universities but tertiary institutions globally. ELTHAM College offers senior students a number of options for completing their VCE.


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