Caulfield Grammar School

Caulfield Grammar School
Caulfield Grammar School proudly offers a thriving learning environment that nourishes students to know who they are, what they value and why they are valued. These competencies are nurtured in the way we teach, the breadth of co-curricular offerings, and our commitment to every learner’s wellbeing.
  • Terry


    Year 12
    2023 International Student Co-Captain

    As an international student at Caulfield Grammar School, my educational journey has been filled with remarkable experiences, personal growth, and a deep appreciation for a diverse and inclusive community. From the moment I joined Caulfield Grammar, I found a place that fosters my passions, broadens my horizons and supports academic excellence. With unwavering support from peers, teachers and the school community, I thrive at Caulfield Grammar School.

    I chose Caulfield Grammar School because of its renowned reputation for academic excellence and commitment to a well-rounded education. The nurturing and inclusive environment, along with the school’s dedication to global perspectives and cultural understanding, aligned perfectly with my values and aspirations.

    Participating in co-curricular activities like the Chinese Debate Club and badminton developed my confidence, critical thinking and teamwork. As a part of the Chinese debate team, we won third place in the 2022 Melbourne High School Chinese debating tournament.

    The Caulfield Grammar community is a vibrant and close-knit family that celebrates diversity and nurtures individual talents. The strong camaraderie and mutual respect within the community creates an environment where every student thrives.

    Serving as an International Student Co-Captain is an honour. I am dedicated to representing and advocating for the diverse international student community, fostering a sense of belonging, amplifying voices, and organising cultural events that promote cross-cultural understanding.

    My experiences at Caulfield Grammar have ignited a passion for exploring different cultures and international events.

  • Lisa


    Year 12
    2023 International Student Co-Captain

    I chose to come to Caulfield Grammar School because its diverse curriculum offers many opportunities for students to broaden their horizons while pursuing academic learning at the highest level. It allows learners to engage and immerse themselves in the real world, as well as develop long-term interest in language, culture and world views.

    At Caulfield Grammar, students have the opportunity to study any subject they want. I chose subjects that I love, though picking out my favourites was tough! I have met so many different teachers and students in my time here, each with different personalities, and they are all equally enthusiastic and willing to assist.

    The teachers are knowledgeable, patient, and passionate about teaching and motivating students. The students are very enthusiastic and inclusive, with admirable ideas, self-directed learning and self-management skills. It is a positive community where students and teachers come together to support each other, collaborate and progress.

    As well as participating in School sports and other co-curricular activities, I competed with my classmates in the 2022 World Chinese High School Competition and the 2022 Melbourne Chinese Debate Competition. We placed third in both competitions and this unique and wonderful experience helped us form friendships and make connections with students from all over Australia.

    In my role as International Student Co-Captain, I try my best to help all international students feel comfortable, at ease, and enthusiastic about their education when living so far away from home. Having the ability to bring international students together and seeing them getting along with is what I like most about this role.

    I haven’t yet decided what career to pursue, but after Caulfield Grammar I hope to continue my studies at university and explore various hobbies and career paths.

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