My journey at Edith Cowan University (ECU)

My journey at Edith Cowan University (ECU) began back in 2007 when I started to study my Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations and Advertising). I chose ECU because of its reputation in the field of Advertising as well as the flexibility of the course, which allowed me to select a variety of units to match my interest.
I really enjoyed uni life, especially the interaction with other students, the debates, questions and just listening to experienced lecturers sharing their knowledge and expertise. My lecturers were amazing and provided excellent mentoring. I am still in contact with one of my mentors from when I started my Bachelor Degree, whom I still consult for career/ professional advice.
After entering the workforce full-time, I realised that I missed learning and wanted to get a better understanding of the business world, so I decided to go back to uni part-time while continuing to work full-time. I thought a Graduate Diploma would be a great introduction to business studies and a perfect complement to my Public Relations and Advertising degree, while adding a valuable qualification to my resume.
I chose to return to ECU for my studies because I knew I would get the support I needed to balance my studies in my already busy life. I loved studying business, so much that after completing my Graduate Diploma in 2012, I returned to ECU to complete my MBA.
I'm so glad I studied my MBA because it is a very challenging course. I have to gain knowledge in all aspects of a business (such as accounting, marketing, finance, economics, etc). The fact that I have been exposed to such areas makes me a very strong candidate in the job market. I am currently working as a Business Development and Marketing Manager for Dash Digital and should finish my MBA later this year. Who knows where my next challenge will take me! My ultimate goal is to become a CEO of a company whose values match mine. I want to help other businesses do well and run a strong corporate social responsibility culture, and most importantly I want to have the financial power to help others in need.
ECU has taught me many things, including priority setting and the importance of networking. Indeed, to succeed, a person needs not only the skills and the experience, but also the connections.
Looking back on my journey at ECU, I can't believe how much I've learned! Even though it seemed so hard at first, studying at university is so much fun and one of the best feelings of accomplishment. ECU supported me and helped get to where I am now and where I'll be going in the future.
Gabriela Pasqualon
ECU Advertising / Public Relations graduate and MBA graduate
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