Hospitality, tourism and personal services jobs in Australia

Hospitality, tourism and personal services graduates work in a wide range of employment roles within their respective industries. Possible jobs include operational roles such as caterer, chef or cook, kitchen hand, waiter, bar attendant, hotel attendant, events coordinator, tour guide, travel agent, visitor information officer, hairdresser, nail technician and beauty therapist, as well as management roles such as hotel manager and restaurant manager.

Common workplaces include restaurants, hotels and resorts, tourism agencies and beauty salons. Some graduates apply the general business skills they have been taught to management and marketing roles outside the industry. Other graduates go on to operate their own businesses. The knowledge and skills gained in this industry are increasingly transferable worldwide, and many graduates take up positions in Australia and overseas once they have completed their course.

While VET qualifications train students for a range of roles at both operational and management levels, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are focused on training students for management positions. Despite this, many VET graduates progress to management roles.

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