Health services and rehabilitation jobs in Australia

The health services and rehabilitation field provides a broad range of exciting and rewarding career opportunities. Graduates can find themselves working in many different types of healthcare settings, including hospitals, aged-care facilities, community health clinics, rehabilitation centres, sports clinics, fitness centres, and even in schools.

Depending on the qualification completed, graduates may work in roles that deliver, or assist to deliver, health services to patients (such as podiatrists, ambulance officers and pathology workers; roles that advise and educate people about health and wellbeing matters (including areas such as health promotion, public health, and occupational health and safety); or roles that focus on the administrative or management side of the field. The skills gained from a health services qualification can also be used outside of the industry, such as in a sales or administrative role.

The career opportunities available to graduates depend on the qualification level completed. While most VET graduates find work supporting and assisting health professionals, graduates of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are qualified as health care professionals and are able to pursue management roles. There are also many jobs that are highly regulated, where a bachelor degree is the minimum qualification for entry (radiation therapy, for example).

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