Computing and information technology jobs in Australia

Australia’s digital economy is growing, so the demand for computing and information technology graduates is expected to stay strong for years to come.

Graduates are employed in many different roles across all sorts of industries, from information technology firms to other organisations that require information technology expertise. Some graduates find work in information technology support roles in various types of workplaces. Others may find themselves working in more creative roles such as designing websites or games. Other roles include testing, networking and software or systems development. Some graduates apply their information technology skills in sales roles or as act as consultants to the industry. It’s possible to work outside of the industry too, perhaps using your knowledge for a technical writing role or to teach information technology skills to others.

Graduates of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in computer science and information and communications technology (ICT) may be eligible to undertake a Professional Year Program (PYP) through the Australian Computer Society (ACS). This is a one-year program that assists international students to obtain work experience and workplace skills at the conclusion of their Australian study program. Graduates who successfully complete a PYP may be awarded five points under the Skilled Occupation List (SOL), which may assist them to gain permanent residency in Australia.

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