Postgraduate study in business and management

Courses and specialisations

Business and management is a large field at postgraduate level, offering a diverse range of course options to students from just about any academic background. First, there are students who studied business at undergraduate level who want to expand upon their studies or specialise in a specific area (studying a master of marketing after a bachelor of business, for example). The second group of students includes those from other disciplines who want to gain skills in business (such as a science graduate entering a master of business). The third group includes those who are returning to study after several years in the workforce looking to expand their career prospects with a postgraduate qualification (a master of business administration, for example).

Most postgraduate students complete coursework degrees, including graduate certificates, graduate diplomas and coursework masters degrees. The field has a diverse range of course options, from general courses in business or management to those that focus on specialisations such as human resource management, project management and marketing. At masters level, the master of business administration (MBA) is a popular choice among both practising and aspiring managers. See MBA and management education for more information about the MBA and its benefits. There are also courses that focus on specific industries (such as a master of education leadership) or related professions (a graduate diploma of banking and finance, for example).

Double degrees are popular with students who want to broaden their study experience, providing the option to combine two disciplines from the business and management fields (such as international business and commerce) or two different study areas (through a master of business/master of engineering, for example).

Postgraduate research degrees in business and management are also widely available, including masters degrees by research, research doctorates and professional doctorates.

Applicants must meet academic and English language requirements, which vary between courses, institutions and qualification levels. Entry into some courses may require work experience or previous study in the field. For more information about postgraduate degrees and entry requirements, see Higher Education ” Postgraduate.

Where to study

Students considering postgraduate study in business and management can study almost anywhere in Australia, with courses available at universities and many private colleges across metropolitan and regional Australia.

The course you choose will depend on your prior qualifications and career aspirations. For example, you may want to expand on a bachelor of business with a specialised masters degree in a field such as marketing, gain knowledge in a new area or refresh your skills through a shorter graduate certificate or facilitate career progression through a prestigious master of business administration. If required, look for courses that are accredited by the professional associations and those that offer work experience opportunities.

If you are considering a research degree, you should look for university departments and schools with an established research program in your area of interest. You should also investigate the support offered to postgraduate research students and possible supervisors.

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