Secondary School

Ho Bhat An — Vietnam
English for High School Preparation and Years 11 and 12

Ho Bhat An

I completed my English for High School Preparation course at Nudgee International College (NIC) in Queensland, where I found the staff very friendly, helpful and professional, always trying their best to assist students. NIC became my second family. The multicultural environment at NIC helped me to communicate with others from many other countries, and my English skills improved quickly as we were all there to study English. It was a postive and happy time.

After graduating at NIC, I studied Years 11 and 12 at St Joseph’s Nudgee College and really enjoyed my time there. I had many opportunities to make friends with Australian students. The teachers at Nudgee College are very experienced and enthusiastic, and are happy to assist students with anything they might not understand. Students prepare many presentations throughout the year, which strengthen their communication skills in preparation for university. Nudgee College has many clubs — science, drama, debating and chess, just to name a few. The sporting facilities are great, offering swimming, tennis, basketball, gym, horse riding and many more.

Brisbane is a beautiful city with nice weather and friendly people. People always try to help students as much as possible. In Brisbane, students get a chance to interact with the real world around them by working part time. This is a good opportunity for students to experience life outside of the school campus. During weekends, students can easily travel around Brisbane, shopping, enjoying movies, etc. I will definitely come back to Brisbane again.

Tan Chun Kee — Malaysia
Secondary schoolTan Chun Kee

I am Tan Chun Kee, currently studying the International Baccalaureate at The Kilmore International School. I have had a desire to study abroad since I was small. The reason why I decided to study in Australia is mainly because the country provides good education and has a variety of culture so that I can acquire a deeper knowledge and learn different traditions. I am also proud that I have chosen to enrol in The Kilmore International School. The setting of the school fascinates me, which allows me to stay focused on my study.

Besides that, the school also provides a range of facilities that enable the students to utilise their extra time properly, such as participating in a soccer match with a local school. This also provides a deeper understanding on the Australian culture, which is one of my aims of studying in Australia.

Even though I do not attend any extra English language programs, I am aware of significant improvements in my English. One of the reasons is that I am sharing a boarding house with other students from different countries, which is an opportunity for me to learn and utilise the language by communicating with friends.

After studying in Victoria for three years, I have found it is a good place to live and study because the people in Victoria are friendly and its natural setting can contribute both socially and academically during my secondary study. I highly recommend students who are interested in studying abroad to study in Australia. It is not that easy to study abroad alone, but I am still able to cope with a completely strange environment. Finally, I want to advise that nothing is impossible; be confident and do your best to achieve your goal!

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