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Maren Bakkejord Hansen — Norway
Bachelor of Management (Marketing)

Maren Bakkejord Hansen

I chose to come to Australia and study at University of South Australia because I saw it as an opportunity to try something new, travel abroad and still start my studies. UniSA has many different programs and courses. I had previously studied one semester in Paris, France, and wasn’t quite ready to settle down in Norway yet.

Australia is a very multicultural country, and there are a lot of international students that come here to study. I’ve met friends from Asia, the USA, Canada, France, Sweden, Australia and other countries. The people here are really relaxed and nice. They greet you with ‘How you goin’?’ and don’t really expect an answer, but it makes you feel welcome.

Adelaide has a small city centre and heaps of suburbs. It has over one million inhabitants, so I was surprised at how small the centre was. But it’s really easy to find your way around, and you’re never far from anything. The suburbs go all the way out to the beach, which is absolutely wonderful. Adelaide is also a cheaper city to live in. There is a Central Market in the city, which sells a lot of international food.

I’m studying a Bachelor of Management (Marketing), which has four courses per semester; however, you’ll have plenty of time to socialise and maybe fit in a part-time job. In the middle of the semester there’s a two-week break. The semesters are quite short, but it allows you to work a bit more during the semester and get a nice long vacation to travel around Australia, to New Zealand or to Asia.

Lillian Zeng (Manyin) — China
Bachelor of Information Technology (Network and Systems Computing)
I come from Guangdong Province in the south-east part of China. I did my diploma in information technology at Henan University and I came to Australia to study a bachelor degree in information technology at Victoria University (VU). In addition to IT, I have a great passion for singing and music.
VU cooperates with Henan University, where I completed my diploma. My lecturer recommended that I come to Victoria University to study.
As an international student, I would say the friendly physical and cultural environment is the best thing about studying here — it’s key to helping me fit in at a new place as quickly as I can and enjoy the life I am living in Australia. Melbourne is a fresh, relaxed and positive place to study.
Most lecturers are kind and responsible. I am learning skills like communication and interpretation, and dealing with people from different backgrounds. I am also learning important skills like how to express myself and manage my time appropriately.
While studying I have received advice from the career department, including a résumé check; had assistance with writing support at the library; and have used other equipment and support for study. I have also been involved in an IBM mentor program. I got my first job ever as a student rover at VU, assisting other students in the Learning Commons.
I study at Footscray Park and work in the city with my student rover job. I really enjoy the campuses, especially their perfect environment for study.
I want to finish university with good results and try to apply the academic theory and skills I’ve learnt to improve my life and get a stable job that I like and enjoy.

Amanda Green — Zimbabwe
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Accounting

Personally when I think of a place I would like to live, I think of a safe place, open-minded people, culturally diverse and decent climate. Although Melbourne weather is unpredictable, it is my home for now. I have found it to be a lovely multicultural city. It is lively from its beautiful natural attractions to the festivals, people and culture. There’s never a dull moment in this vibrant city, hence why it was voted the most liveable city three consecutive times.

I chose La Trobe University because it is one of the top universities in Australia, also my brother studied there and he recommended it for my course choice. In addition, it’s one of the few universities that offered me the course I wanted to study, which is my double degree. I enjoy studying there because it is a place where I can achieve anything I put my mind to. As an international student I managed to start my own society at La Trobe and I felt empowered and supported as opposed to being left alone to learn the ropes. This enforces that La Trobe is a university that cares about the wellbeing and growth of its students.

I have had the opportunity to travel to some parts of the country and it is quite a beautiful place with an abundant history.

Australia is big and each city has its own unique features, I would advise anyone planning on coming here to research what course they would like to study and which university best suits them because there is a wide variety to choose from. However, studying in one area doesn’t stop you from travelling and exploring the whole country.


Aziz Ur Rehman— Pakistan
Master of Professional Accounting

I decided to study in Australia in light of the fact that its universities, colleges and schools are regarded worldwide for their high calibre of training and exploration. My experience in Australia has been amazing. I have gained a lifetime of exposure here. I love the culture and the food.

The Australian training framework promotes imaginative, innovative and autonomous thinking. International students have the chance to gain profitable work experience off campus with local organisations.

The MPA program at La Trobe University has grown my scholarly opportunities. It has also advanced my administrative and critical thinking abilities. The academic staff have been empowering and have made my experience pleasant and rewarding. As an international student, I have truly appreciated the multicultural environment at La Trobe. The MPA program allows you to build up a range of key administrative capabilities, concentrating on Australian, Asian and worldwide business issues. I achieved a lot during my stay here. I got an internship at Platinum Accounting in the CBD as an Accounts Assistant. I was selected as a CPA Australia Student Brand Ambassador. I work at La Trobe University as the Director of Postgraduate Affairs and Council Delegate for the Commerce Students Association and all the executive committee members have been given an office, where we work for all students studying management, marketing, accounting, finance, IT and human resources. We organise different career events and many of the top G100 companies of Australia are on our panel. I was lucky enough to be selected as International Student Ambassador for La Trobe International. I am the International Student Host at La Trobe International and help all new students during O-Week. In the past, I worked as an intern at KPMG Pakistan and worked as Accounts Officer for Global Business Impex Pakistan. I would tell all the international students planning to come to Australia that this place can open new horizons for you, but the key is to be focused and work hard.

Tu Thanh Tran — Vietnam
Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

I am Tu Thanh Tran, from Vietnam. I am studying a Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at La Trobe University, Melbourne campus.

As a teacher of English as a Foreign Language in Vietnam, I long had a strong desire to study abroad. I was very lucky when my dream was realised. The Australia Awards Scholarship granted me such a precious opportunity so that I could come and study in Australia. Melbourne, where I am studying, is such a beautiful place, and the people I have met in Australia are very friendly and kind.

In the past one-and-a-half years in Australia, I have had wonderful experience. Since the first day I came to Australia, I have had great support from La Trobe University for whatever I need to overcome the difficulties of being an international student, relating to my study, language enhancement or social engagement. I am encouraged to get involved and succeed. Another thing I like at La Trobe University is that I can get access to modern facilities in the library and available databases for whatever resources I need for my study. Additionally, I have a lot of opportunities to take part in various voluntary activities or programs on campus or in the wider community. Since I came to Australia, I have not only improved the professional knowledge and skills that I need to work effectively in my language teaching career in the future on my return, my personal skills, such as communication, organisation and leadership have also been enhanced. I have had chances to significantly increase my network as I meet new friends from Australia and other countries each time I get involved in a community or voluntary activity.

From the amazing experience I have had in Australia, I would highly recommend Australia to those who are researching options to study abroad. Australia is such a beautiful country with very lovely and nice people and more importantly, international students like me are always supported and encouraged to get the very best from their study period here.

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