Engineering and technology courses in Australia

An engineer reading a plan with two other engineers in the backgroundThe engineering and technology field is one of the biggest in Australia. It is also one of the most popular fields among international students due to the strength of Australia ™s mining and technology sectors.

Engineering courses cover the basic disciplines (such as civil, chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering), as well as specialised fields such as mining, telecommunications and railway engineering. Technology disciplines range from aviation to food technology and machine maintenance. The large number of courses and specialisations available in Australia means that there is something to suit everyone.

If you are interested in studying engineering and technology, you might also be interested in studying Computing and information technology or the Sciences. If you are considering the management side of the discipline, you could consider courses in Business and management.

For more information about this field, visit the following websites:

The courses and employment opportunities available will depend on the level of qualification you complete. There are three qualification levels in engineering and technology:

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