Yeronga State High School

Yeronga State High School

At Yeronga we focus on a holistic education that emphasises the development of the well-balanced young person who is empowered and wants to go out into the world and make a positive difference. We see it as our responsibility to provide numerous opportunities and programs for all students to find meaning, enjoyment and a sense of belonging and connection.  

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    If I ask myself what my expectations were before my experience at Yeronga SHS, I find that my ideas were completely different from what occurred during my term of school abroad. My aim was to improve my English skills and I have accomplished that, even if it meant more hard work than I realised. Before coming to Australia, I couldn’t imagine how many adventures I would go on and how much fun I would have. My experience has been amazing and helped me face challenges, making me a mature person and a responsible student. Everyone at Yeronga were lovely and kind, they always helped me and cared about my exchange experience. At Yeronga SHS I got to know many people from all over the world and I had the opportunity to explore the Australian school system. Yeronga is based on friendly relationships between students and teachers and active involvement of students. All the staff and students were very helpful and polite and I wish I could stay at Yeronga for much longer. The term there allowed me to be present at the Yeronga Celebrates Festival, one of the most important occasions to celebrate multiculturalism in the school. I really appreciated the fact that all the students could take part in the event and show pride in their origins. I will always remember that event because it proved how cultural differences can bring people together. I also enjoyed my free time hanging out with other international students and classmates. One of the best things we did was having a barbecue together and going to the beaches near Brisbane. I was sad to go back home because I didn’t want to leave all the people who helped me feel at home and who made my time at Yeronga unforgettable. This experience has been the best and the most significant of my life so far. I recommend it to everyone who wants to discover another reality and prove themselves. Ho’roo Australia!
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