Tintern Grammar

Tintern Grammar
Tintern Grammar has been a leader in the fields of education, teaching and the care of all our students since 1877. We promote diversity and inclusion, giving students the opportunity to explore their interests while on the path to academic success.
  • Nick Zhu

    On the first day I went to Tintern, I felt that the school environment and learning environment were very good. Every student studies and reads quietly in the library. When I was looking at what courses the school had, I found that there were many courses that my previous school did not have, such as outdoor sports, language, health and so on. My classmates were very friendly when I had my first class in this school. When I don’t understand a topic, I will send a message and ask them. When I don’t understand something in class, I will ask the teacher, and the teacher will slowly explain to me what I don’t understand. At the same time, the teacher also gave me some advice, so that I can do better.
  • Studies in Australia

    Linda Cai

    At Tintern we learn so many different things — the science is very creative, we are learning about the brain and the teacher will let us make a model of the brain with food. Also, other teachers are always there to help and are very understanding. If I don’t understand my homework, they use their off-duty time to explain to the students. The International Student Coordinator is also very helpful. If I have anything I don’t understand, she teaches me patiently. So I like Tintern very much.
  • Website: www.tintern.vic.edu.au




    The uniform is compulsory and enforced
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