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With a balanced mix of theory and practical experience in our world-class courses, you’ll be prepared to hit the ground running in the real world.

You’ll gain the knowledge, skills and connections to thrive in your chosen career. Our courses are designed and reviewed in consultation with employers to ensure you graduate with the knowledge and skills required now and into the future.


Ruby , Hong Kong

Bachelor of Business (PR major)/Bachelor of Media Communication

QUT is one of the great reputation universities in Brisbane. Also, the teaching content is more focused on the practical element rather than pure theory. At QUT, the capstone units in the final years are very practical. These units are real world cases where you cooperate with industry.

Fiorella , Peru

Master of Information Technology

My perspective and entire landscape has changed throughout this degree. Now I compare how I would fix things and offer a solution. When I first started, it was totally different to how I think now and I realised just how much I love Business Process Management (BPM). It is something that is a new topic in my country and I had never heard much about it before coming to Australia. It is so important, as is the prospective of IT, so it is a great mix.

Victor , Colombia

Master of Information Technology

Here in Brisbane, all the time we’ve been living here, we have been feeling that we don’t need to worry about anything, it’s a sensation of feeling safe. You’re able to walk on the street at night after a party or dinner with friends. That is something that I need to highlight as it is very important to us and we’re really happy about that.

Rafael , Brazil

Master of Professional Engineering

One thing that I think is very nice is the freedom of the professors to make the unit have personality. For example, every unit is a different way to teach. One of the units that I liked the most was Embedded Systems. The subject had a lecture, a tutorial and a project, and we had to build something real. What we did was very practical. The professor in the unit cares about the relationships between him and his students. It’s about people and how to teach to get the most out of a team.

Gurpreet , India

Master of Education in Leadership and Management

I can say that QUT is generating a paradigm of new researchers and my experience at QUT is the outstanding experience of my life. Every moment over here is teaching me a new way to deal with complexities of my studies, which is definitely going to help me in achieving my aspirations to become the best in the field of education.

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