Who are Australia’s top graduate employers for 2019?

Each year, the Top 100 Graduate Employers report takes a deep-dive into which companies offering the best job opportunities for graduates, the industries in favour of young staff and the companies that students are most interested in working with.

The report is a joint production by the Australian Financial Review and GradConnection, containing plenty of insightful content in the form of infographics, testimonials and articles. This year saw a strong focus on government jobs and data analytics. The list of top 100 graduate employers is the hero of the report, with some familiar faces at the top.

We’ve collated a cheat sheet to ensure you’ve got the important bits.

The list

The top 100 graduate employers list is the main drawcard of the report, with the potential to shape the preferences and selection of graduates who finish at the top of their class.

Unsurprisingly, the Big Four accounting firms featured in the top ten. This year’s top 10 graduate employers are:

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