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It is hard to find the right kind of English test online so that you can prepare for IELTS, however we’re hearing great success from people who have used Fluent IQ’s Works communication test to help identify strengths and weaknesses in their ability to communicate.

You can now sign up to Fluent IQ and find out if you're ready to book in your English Language test.

Comparing your results

The below chart can be used as a guideline to see how your Fluent IQ test results compares with CEFR, IELTS, PTE and TOEFL.


1 A1 2.5 10 -
2 A2 3.5 30 -
3 B1 4.5 36 40
5 B2 5.5 50 60
7 C1 6.5 65 80
8 C2 7.5 79 100


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