Australian university ratings and rankings 2017/2018

The section below provide a series of ratings and insights across a range of indicators. On the premise that no institution is superb at everything, these rankings are high-level indicators and should be used to gain comparative insights into the varying strengths and characteristics of each institution.

Overall Experience ratings in Australia

This rating looks at the proportion of students who were satisfied with the overall quality of their educational experience.

University of the Sunshine Coast

85.80 %

University of New England

83.30 %

University of Newcastle

82.50 %

Flinders University

81.30 %

Monash University

80.20 %

The University of Melbourne

79.70 %

Murdoch University

79.10 %

Macquarie University

78.80 %

Central Queensland University

78.40 %

Southern Cross University

78.20 %

The University of Sydney

76.40 %

University of New South Wales

76.00 %

Charles Darwin University

75.90 %