ARC Training Centre for Biofilm Research and Innovation PhD Scholarship

Flinders University

ARC Training Centre for Biofilm Research and Innovation – Delivering innovative biofilm solutionsWe are the leading Australian research and training centre tackling biofilm-related challenges.The ARC Training Centre for Biofilm Research and Innovation, led by Flinders University is a 5 year, $7.8m research and training program, bringing together 5 universities, 10 industry partners and key industry and regulatory bodies to deliver innovative research and biofilm solutions to tackle one of the biggest issues for the maritime and water industries. The Centre is offering scholarship opportunities across 3 Australian universities (Flinders University, Swinburne University and the University of Tasmania) over the 5 year period.Biofilms grow on all surfaces and environments, from catheters to drinking water pipes and ships. They are complex organisations of cells that grow on both living and inert surfaces and are both viscous and elastic in nature. They can be made up of a single species or comprise several species of different types of microorganisms, including those that pose a threat to either human health or our environment. Biofilm attachment and development cannot be prevented completely thus they cost billions each year to those attempting to eradicate them.By working with industries to develop innovative solutions that meet their needs and alleviate their biofilm-related problems, the ARC Training Centre for Biofilm Research and Innovation aims to: transform biofouling management strategies for maritime platforms; train the next generation of interdisciplinary scientists and engineers; and to develop biofilm management strategies across the defence and water industries to address evolving regulatory stringency.The ARC Training Centre for Biofilm Research and Innovation PhD scholarship program will support the development of a new generation of specialists and leaders in biofilm monitoring and control. Our students will have access to world-class training, professional development and mentoring and will have a unique opportunity to undertake collaborative research projects and training with our industry partners.Working within a large research entity (including PhDs, post-doctoral researchers, university chief investigators and industry partner investigators), scholarship recipients will work closely with an industry partner organisation to undertake industry research. Scholarship recipients will have access to mentoring, training, professional and personal development through our unique Foundation Training Program and will undertake a 12-month industry placement.


- To be an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen, an Australian permanent resident or have, or are eligible to apply for, a relevant international visa; and- Meet Flinders University PhD admission requirements – an Australian Honours degree Class 1 or 2A, a Master Degree, or equivalent qualification (at least AQF Level 8), or evidence of equivalent research experience, such as refereed publications or significant experience as a lead researcher; and- Scholarship recipients are expected to take up their studies as soon as practicable within a timeframe specified by the Office of Graduate Research in consultation with the industry partner, up to maximum of 3 months from the time of acceptance of the scholarship. In exceptional circumstances and with approval of the industry partner and the University, this time may be extended to 6 months; and- Any other eligibility criteria relevant to the industry partner/research project (eg have or able to apply for a National Police Criminal History Check).

Amount $38,982

Paid fortnightly

Closing date 31/03/2024
Number per year 1
Frequency Once Only
Duration years
For Australian students
For international students
Level of study Postgraduate
Field of studys Environmental studies
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