Aalborg University, Denmark: Exchange Scholarship & Travel Grant

University of Technology Sydney

Aalborg University provides Travel Grants to support UTS students studying on exchange. Students must be selected to participate in the Global Exchange Program studying at Aalborg University.
Eligibility: Applicants must: be enrolled on a full-time basis as an exchange student at Aalborg University, and participate in Exchange Fairs during their stay as required.
Support Type: Travel Grant outside Australia,
Gender: Co-Ed
Frequency of Offer: Multiple/year
Fields of Study: Business & Management, Education & Training, Legal Studies, Accounting, Environmental Studies, Tourism, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Dental Studies, ELICOS course, Health Services & Support, Humanities & Social Sciences, Pharmacy, Veterinary Studies & Animal Care, Creative Arts, Food & Hospitality, Mathematics, Sport, Leisure & Recreation, Medicine, Social Work, Architecture, General Education & Employment Skills, Law, Personal Services, Welfare & Community Services, Built Environment, Economics, Engineering & Technology, Nursing, Sciences, Communications, Computing & Information Technology, Language & Literature, Psychology, Rehabilitation, Surveying,
Location of Study: Sydney Metropolitan,
No Offered Per Year: 2

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