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Discount guide for international students

There are a variety of ways to save money as a uni student in Australia

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How can we support international students in Australia?

Knowing where to find support will help to make your Australian study experience a positive one. 

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Four-point plan to beat homesickness

Getting homesick is a universal feeling that affects students all around the world.

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Seven cultural quirks international students need to know about Australia

if you are looking to study in the country lovingly referred to as Oz by its inhabitants, here are seven cultural differences that might surprise you!

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Applying in Australia: A student timeline

Your guide to conquering the application process for Australian universities.
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Study in Western Australia (WA)

List of Australian education providers within Western Australia.

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Study in New South Wales (NSW)

List of Australian education providers within New South Wales.

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Scholarships in Australia

Apply for a scholarship can help fund your studies in Australia. There are a range of scholarships available to international students.

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Study in Queensland (QLD)

List of Australian education providers within Queensland.

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