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Looking after your wellbeing as a student

Whether you've just arrived or are a couple of years into your course, there are certain areas of your life to keep in check to ensure your overall wellbeing is at its best
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Top Victorian schools for international students

 Here are some examples of top schools that accept international students in Victoria.

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How can we support international students in Australia?

Knowing where to find support will help to make your Australian study experience a positive one. 

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VET study in health services and rehabilitation

There is a wide range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses available in the health services field, including certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas.
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Postgraduate study in nursing

Most postgraduate coursework programs in nursing are designed for nursing professionals with prior qualifications and experience who want to upgrade their qualifications or enter new specialisations.
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Nursing jobs in Australia

Most people think of nurses as working exclusively in clinical practice (treating the sick or injured) and in hospitals, but there is a much wider variety of careers available.
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