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The best universities in Australia to study accounting

We looked at which Australian universities with undergraduate degrees in accounting performed best in different categories.
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Benefits of studying in regional Australia

Attending a regional university gives you the chance to study, work and immerse yourself in the local community. You’ll also create networks and opportunities for employment!
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4 ways being bilingual can benefit your career

Here are just four ways, learning a new language may help you in your career.
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Looking after your wellbeing as a student

Whether you've just arrived or are a couple of years into your course, there are certain areas of your life to keep in check to ensure your overall wellbeing is at its best
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The best universities in Australia to study business and management

Some business degrees take a more academic approach, while others encourage practical learning. Find out which university suits you best!
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The best universities in Australia for postgraduate study for 2020

Are you considering your options for postgraduate study in Australia? Check out the rankings on Australian universities!

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Who are Australia’s top graduate employers?

The report paints a positive picture of the current job market for graduates — in fact, it says ‘there’s never been a better time to be a graduate looking for a job’.

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The best universities in Australia to study nursing

Looking to pursue a career in nursing? There are 69 undergraduate nursing degrees available to international students in Australia, so you may be struggling to narrow down your list of universities to apply for. 

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Why undergraduates are getting in early on MBAs

A growing number of undergraduates are pursuing an MBA shortly after completing their bachelor degree - could it be the right move for you?

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