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The best universities in Australia for health services and support

We looked at which Australian universities with undergraduate health services and support degrees performed best in learning resourcesskills development and graduate salary. 
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Where are the best places to work in Australia?

The 2019 '50 Best Places to Work' report is divided into three different categories, which are based on number of employees
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Five things to consider when choosing a course

There is no set rule for choosing a course in Australia - ultimately, it will come down to what's most important to you. If you're still researching potential courses, here are some things you may like to consider.
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Top Australian study areas for international students

Whether you want to make the most of Australia's unique natural environment or are looking to gain an internationally recognised qualification, Australia offers a wide range of high-quality courses for international students.
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How to choose between VET and higher education

Australian tertiary courses are divided between two sectors: Vocational Education and Training (VET) and higher education. If you're not sure which one is best for you, read on.
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University, TAFE or private college: where should you study?

With the huge range of courses and education providers on offer in Australia, it can be difficult to know where to study. Here we describe the three main types of education providers in Australia to help you begin your search.
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How to choose a course: tips for international students who don't know what to study

So you know you want to study in Australia, but you're not sure which course is right for you. Don't worry, our tips will give you a few ideas about how to choose the right course if you're finding it hard to make your choice.
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