Western Sydney University

Course fees at Western Sydney University

Graduate Certificate in Accounting $14,960.00
Graduate Certificate in Ageing, Wellbeing and Sustainability $9,640.00
Graduate Certificate in Allergic Diseases $15,760.00
Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance $14,960.00
Graduate Certificate in Building Surveying $24,660.00
Graduate Certificate in Bushfire Protection $24,660.00
Graduate Certificate in Business $14,960.00
Graduate Certificate in Business Administration $15,600.00
Graduate Certificate in Continental Philosophy $12,320.00
Graduate Certificate in Counselling $11,280.00
Graduate Certificate in Creative Industries $16,440.00
Graduate Certificate in Data Science $16,440.00
Graduate Certificate in Engineering $32,880.00
Graduate Certificate in Epidemiology $15,760.00
Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning $14,960.00
Graduate Certificate in Fire Safety Engineering $24,660.00
Graduate Certificate in Forensic Science $7,680.00
Graduate Certificate in Health Science $12,240.00
Graduate Certificate in Information and Communications Technology $32,880.00
Graduate Certificate in International Criminology $11,280.00
Graduate Certificate in Interpreting and Translation $15,960.00
Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care $14,640.00
Graduate Certificate in Public Health $12,240.00
Graduate Certificate in Start Up Scale Up $14,960.00
Graduate Certificate in Stockbroking and Financial Advising $14,960.00
Graduate Certificate in TESOL $18,480.00
Graduate Certificate in Urban Management and Planning $12,280.00
Graduate Diploma in Ageing, Wellbeing and Sustainability $19,280.00
Graduate Diploma in Counselling $45,120.00
Graduate Diploma in Digital Health $24,480.00
Graduate Diploma in Health Service Management $24,480.00
Graduate Diploma in International Criminology $22,560.00
Graduate Diploma in Interpreting $31,920.00
Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety $24,480.00
Graduate Diploma in Start Up Scale Up $29,920.00
Graduate Diploma in Stockbroking and Financial Advising $29,920.00
Graduate Diploma in Translation $31,920.00
Graduate Diploma of Australian Migration Law $28,960.00
Graduate Diploma of Building Surveying $65,760.00
Graduate Diploma of Bushfire Protection $65,760.00
Graduate Diploma of Cardiac Sonography $63,040.00
Graduate Diploma of Continental Philosophy $24,640.00
Graduate Diploma of Data Science $32,880.00
Graduate Diploma of Epidemiology $31,520.00
Graduate Diploma of Fire Safety Engineering $65,760.00
Graduate Diploma of Forensic Science $15,360.00
Graduate Diploma of Health Science $24,480.00
Graduate Diploma of Information and Communications Technology $32,880.00
Graduate Diploma of Primary Health Care $29,280.00
Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies $48,360.00
Graduate Diploma of Psychology $32,240.00
Graduate Diploma of Public Health $24,480.00
Graduate Diploma of TESOL $24,640.00
Master of Ageing, Wellbeing and Sustainability $30,848.00
Master of Applied Finance $59,840.00
Master of Architecture (Urban Transformation) $65,760.00
Master of Art Therapy $43,840.00
Master of Artificial Intelligence $67,040.00
Master of Arts - Translation and Interpreting Studies $63,840.00
Master of Arts in Continental Philosophy $49,280.00
Master of Arts in Literature and Creative Writing $39,424.00
Master of Arts in TESOL $49,280.00
Master of Building Surveying $98,640.00
Master of Bushfire Protection $98,640.00
Master of Business - Operations Management $29,920.00
Master of Business Administration $59,840.00
Master of Business Administration / Master of Applied Finance $74,800.00
Master of Business Analytics $59,840.00
Master of Cardiac Sonography $94,560.00
Master of Chinese Medicine $39,240.00
Master of Clinical Psychology $64,480.00
Master of Creative Industries $65,760.00
Master of Creative Music Therapy $56,800.00
Master of Cross Cultural Relations $47,880.00
Master of Data Science $65,760.00
Master of Engineering $65,760.00
Master of Epidemiology $63,040.00
Master of Executive Business Administration $62,400.00
Master of Finance $44,880.00
Master of Financial Planning $44,880.00
Master of Fire Safety Engineering $98,640.00
Master of Forensic Science $24,576.00
Master of Information and Communications Technology $49,320.00
Master of Information and Communications Technology (Advanced) $65,760.00
Master of Information Governance $65,760.00
Master of International Criminology $33,840.00
Master of Interpreting and Translation $63,840.00
Master of Laws $57,920.00
Master of Management $29,920.00
Master of Marketing $59,840.00
Master of Medicine - Allergic Diseases $94,560.00
Master of Medicine - Pathology $63,040.00
Master of Planning $49,120.00
Master of Primary Health Care $43,920.00
Master of Professional Accounting $44,880.00
Master of Professional Accounting-Advanced $59,840.00
Master of Professional Psychology $32,240.00
Master of Project Management $58,240.00
Master of Property Investment and Development $59,840.00
Master of Psychotherapy and Counselling $45,120.00
Master of Public Health $48,960.00
Master of Qualifying Program $8,000.00
Master of Science $57,760.00
Master of Stockbroking and Financial Advising $44,880.00
Master of Translation and TESOL $63,840.00
Juris Doctor $105,120.00

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