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Western Sydney University (WSU) was ranked in the top two per cent of universities worldwide and in the top 100 universities in the world under 50 years of age by The Times Higher Education in 2015.

Western Sydney University is a research-led university providing relevant and high-quality education programs for today's rapidly changing world.

WSU has an industry-oriented approach combining academic learning with practical hands-on experience and learning opportunities.

With a reputation for excellence in teaching, our student-centred learning strategy encourages flexible and innovative learning techniques, which are supported by state-of-the art facilities, including a sport and exercise science laboratory, crime-scene facility, moot court, mechatronics facility, food-processing pilot plant and convergent media studio complex.


As one of the largest universities in Australia, WSU is located in the Greater Western Sydney region, which stretches from Parramatta to the Blue Mountains National Park.

With seven campuses spread across Western Sydney, your campus location will depend largely on the disciplines you choose to study at WSU. While each campus offers a unique learning environment, they all share the same friendly, communal atmosphere that makes WSU a great place to study and make friends.

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WSU offers a wide range of courses through the following nine schools: Business; Computing, Engineering and Mathematics; Education; Humanities and Communication Arts; Law; Medicine; Nursing and Midwifery; Science and Health; and Social Sciences and Psychology.

Study abroad and exchange students can select units across different schools if they meet the prerequisites. It is recommended that students select units that are offered on a single campus. Units from medicine, nursing, the Master of Clinical Psychology and some practical units in other fields are not available to study abroad and exchange students.

Study abroad/exchange plus English language

WSU, through its English language partner institution, WSUCollege, offers preliminary English language tuition. This packaged option is suited to students who do not quite meet the WSU English language requirements.

Study abroad/exchange plus internship

Study abroad and exchange students can apply to undertake an unpaid internship, supervised by UWS academic or professional staff. This program offers students the opportunity to gain valuable industry experience in a cross-cultural setting.

At WSU, students are provided with comprehensive support to successfully reach their academic goals. Services available to all students include advice on careers, employment and learning skills assistance, counselling, religious support and assistance for students with a disability.

On top of these services, our study abroad and exchange students are supported from the time of their arrival in Australia with a free airport pick-up service for students staying on campus, a dedicated orientation program for study abroad and exchange students and a program of social events.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are a great way for our study abroad and exchange students to optimise their academic success at WSU. The study groups formed through PASS also provide opportunities to meet fellow students and make friends.

With the WSU Out and About Trips and Tours program, it's easy to make the most of the beautiful natural environment in Sydney and to see Australia. From climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge or learning to surf, to travelling further afield to trek the wilderness of Tasmania, you can book and go with WSU.


WSU Village provides high-quality, safe and affordable accommodation on all campuses. The accommodation at each campus has its own unique features and you might find yourself with a swimming pool, barbecue area or great communal lounge to enjoy with friends.

Kana Kosono, Japan

Study Abroad

"I am able to consult with my lecturers when I am not able to keep up with the lectures. The lecturers have been really good and been always ready to provide me with advice."

Tomoyuki Maki, Japan

Study Abroad

"At the beginning, the language was a big challenge for me. I am glad that WSU lecturers were very encouraging and helpful. I have become more confident which will definitely help me to do well in my future job, especially when it comes to communicating in English."

Peter Struck, Germany

Study Abroad and Internship

"I chose WSU for my Study Abroad in Environmental Sciences because of its internship program. The internship offered me the opportunity to get valuable experiences in a foreign work environment and then subsequently a part time job, which I was offered during my second semester."

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