University of Adelaide, The

Course fees at University of Adelaide, The

Graduate Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Studies $11,250.00
Graduate Certificate in Applied Economics $16,500.00
Graduate Certificate in Applied Project Management $16,500.00
Graduate Certificate in Biostatistics $140,000.00
Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology - Biomedical $17,500.00
Graduate Certificate in Business Administration - Adelaide $21,750.00
Graduate Certificate in Business Law $16,500.00
Graduate Certificate in Commerce $16,500.00
Graduate Certificate in Computer Science $16,000.00
Graduate Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy $13,750.00
Graduate Certificate in Education $13,000.00
Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship $16,500.00
Graduate Certificate in Environmental Policy and Management $13,500.00
Graduate Certificate in Global Food and Agricultural Business $16,500.00
Graduate Certificate in Health Economics $13,250.00
Graduate Certificate in Petroleum Geology and Geophysics $18,500.00
Graduate Certificate in Public Health $13,250.00
Graduate Certificate in Self Managed Superannuation Funds $16,500.00
Graduate Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation $16,500.00
Graduate Certificate in Wine Business $16,500.00
Graduate Diploma of Addiction and Mental Health $22,500.00
Graduate Diploma of Agribusiness $33,000.00
Graduate Diploma of Applied Economics $33,000.00
Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance $33,000.00
Graduate Diploma of Applied Project Management $33,000.00
Graduate Diploma of Biostatistics $28,000.00
Graduate Diploma of Biotechnology - Biomedical $35,000.00
Graduate Diploma of Business Administration - Adelaide $43,500.00
Graduate Diploma of Business Law $33,000.00
Graduate Diploma of Commerce $33,000.00
Graduate Diploma of Computer Science $32,000.00
Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy $27,500.00
Graduate Diploma of Entrepreneurship and Innovation $33,000.00
Graduate Diploma of Environmental Policy and Management $27,000.00
Graduate Diploma of Forensic Odontology $43,000.00
Graduate Diploma of Global Food and Agricultural Business $33,000.00
Graduate Diploma of Health Economics $26,500.00
Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice $9,920.00
Graduate Diploma of Professional Accounting $33,000.00
Graduate Diploma of Public Health $26,500.00
Graduate Diploma of Translation and Transcultural Communication $27,000.00
Graduate Diploma of Viticulture and Oenology $40,500.00
Graduate Diploma of Wine Business $33,000.00
Master of Accounting $66,000.00
Master of Accounting and Finance $66,000.00
Master of Accounting and Marketing $66,000.00
Master of Advanced Economics $49,500.00
Master of Agribusiness $49,500.00
Master of Applied Economics $66,000.00
Master of Applied Finance $49,500.00
Master of Applied Innovation and Entrepreneurship $49,500.00
Master of Applied Project Management $49,500.00
Master of Applied Project Management (Project Systems) $66,000.00
Master of Arts - Curatorial and Museum Studies $54,000.00
Master of Arts - Translation and Transcultural Communication $54,000.00
Master of Biostatistics $42,000.00
Master of Biotechnology - Biomedical $70,000.00
Master of Business Administration - Adelaide $65,250.00
Master of Business Administration (Emerging Leaders) $49,500.00
Master of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship) $66,000.00
Master of Business Administration (International Trade and Development) $66,000.00
Master of Business Administration (Marketing) $66,000.00
Master of Business Administration (Project Management) $66,000.00
Master of Business Administration (Wine Business) $66,000.00
Master of Business Law $66,000.00
Master of Business Research $49,500.00
Master of Commerce $66,000.00
Master of Computer Science $64,000.00
Master of Computing and Innovation $64,000.00
Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy $55,000.00
Master of Data Science $74,000.00
Master of Education $52,000.00
Master of Engineering - Aerospace $74,000.00
Master of Engineering - Chemical $74,000.00
Master of Engineering - Civil and Environmental $74,000.00
Master of Engineering - Civil and Structural $74,000.00
Master of Engineering - Electrical $74,000.00
Master of Engineering - Electronic $74,000.00
Master of Engineering - Mechanical $74,000.00
Master of Engineering - Mechatronic $74,000.00
Master of Engineering - Mining $74,000.00
Master of Environmental Policy and Management $54,000.00
Master of Finance $66,000.00
Master of Finance and Business Economics $66,000.00
Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business $66,000.00
Master of Health Economics and Policy $53,000.00
Master of Innovation and Entrepreneurship $66,000.00
Master of International Management $66,000.00
Master of International Trade and Development $49,500.00
Master of Laws $33,000.00
Master of Marketing $49,500.00
Master of Mathematical Sciences $64,000.00
Master of Minimally Invasive Surgery $39,500.00
Master of Petroleum Engineering $55,500.00
Master of Professional Accounting $49,500.00
Master of Public Health $53,000.00
Master of Science - Petroleum Geoscience $37,000.00
Master of Software Engineering $64,000.00
Master of Viticulture and Oenology $81,000.00
Master of Wine Business $66,000.00
Doctor of Clinical Dentistry $141,000.00

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