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Offering a world-class education in a uniquely beautiful location, the University of Newcastle was established in 1965 and has become one of Australia's most innovative institutions. It offers a range of programs preparing tomorrow's global leaders, across five faculties: Business and Law; Education and Arts; Engineering and Built Environment; Health; and Science and Information Technology.

The University of Newcastle (UON) is ranked in the top three per cent of the world's universities*. Over 39,000 students attend the university, with more than 7600 coming from over 120 countries outside Australia.

Its state-of-the-art facilities include five libraries that together house more than 1.3 million texts and provide access to over 80,000 electronic journals. Cutting-edge gym and sporting facilities, a variety of caf

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Choose from a range of programs preparing tomorrow's global leaders:

  • architecture, design and construction management
  • business, commerce and law
  • education, arts and humanities
  • engineering, surveying and computer sciences
  • environmental, mathematical and applied sciences
  • exercise and sport science
  • health, medicine, nursing and life sciences
  • psychology, communication and information technology.

Pathway programs in English language, as well as foundation and tertiary preparation programs, are also available.

The University of Newcastle provides a dedicated international student support service that covers every aspect of your journey - from preparing to arrive in Australia, to settling into your program, and anything else you may need until you've completed your study.

A friendly team of international student advisers are on hand to answer any queries you may have about anything at all. Our international student assistance hotline provides assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while our exclusive international student Facebook groups help you stay connected to what's happening in and around the university. There are plenty of activities and programs to help you take a break from your academic life whenever you need to, connecting you to other international and domestic students. No matter where you're from, or what you're here to study, you'll be taken care of at the University of Newcastle.

Meet the UON Global team and take a look at some of the orientation fun we've had with our international students at

Dave, Canada

Bachelor of Law (with Juris Doctor)

'I was in Canada and was looking to study abroad. I began looking at Australia, and came across the University of Newcastle. It seemed like a really beautiful place. I was interested in learning how to surf and how to be around a beach culture. And now, three years later, I'm about to graduate and I'm happy to say it has surpassed all expectations. The central location of the city hub has been great for my personal lifestyle - it's allowed me to live right in the city. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants around that I go to with friends and hang out. For me, the biggest thing I've gained from the university experience is from the faculty itself, and a personal connection with them that has really helped to grow my love of both law and also academics... It's been a great adventure for me and a time I've really loved. I'm proud of the education I've received, and I feel like it's grown me as a person. I really do love the city, and I'm confident that when I head home, I'll be ready to start a career - and start a life.' Meet Dave at

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