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Studying overseas through student exchange or study abroad gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself, meet new friends and explore new places. The University of Melbourne provides the perfect setting for such an experience, with a rich academic and social community set on a wonderful campus in the midst of a city with a great lifestyle.

The University of Melbourne's study abroad and exchange program will give you a deeper academic perspective, a new circle of friends and an understanding of what it means to be Australian.

What's more, the university is located just five minutes from the vibrant centre of Melbourne, situated on a leafy campus with cafes, shops and beautiful architecture. With excellent public transport and easy access to the best Melbourne has to offer, you'll feel right at home straight away.

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Your semester in Melbourne will be a great opportunity to explore new areas of learning, continue in your current subjects, or try a combination of both. The University of Melbourne offers a wide range of choices to allow you to choose the subjects in which you're most interested, with study areas including:

  • Australian studies
  • architecture and design
  • business and economics
  • computer science and information technology
  • education
  • engineering
  • environmental studies
  • humanities and social sciences
  • land, food and environment
  • languages
  • media and communications
  • music
  • psychology
  • sciences
  • visual and performing arts.

The university offers one of the most comprehensive student support networks in Australia. Our range of student services will help you adjust to university life in Australia and provide you with ongoing support while you're here.

Some of these services include:

  • an Academic Skills Unit to assist with academic and language skills
  • health, counselling and disability liaison services
  • student housing services, including guaranteed accommodation at one of 12 residential colleges or student apartments, or the option to pursue independent shared accommodation.

Jeanne Delgado, America

Study Abroad

Jeanne Delgado came to Melbourne for a semester from Emory University in Georgia in the United States of America. "The idea of leaving behind friends you already have, extracurriculars you are committed to, and professors you know seems daunting. Yet the benefits you get from studying abroad truly make you forget ever having any hesitation or worry. My program was designed around an independent research project at Bio21, which is a research institute at the University of Melbourne specialising in medical, agricultural and environmental biotechnology. It was the perfect combination of successfully learning how transient science is internationally and getting to know the faculty and fellow students that I worked with every day. I have named Melbourne the 'Most Liveable City in the World' simply because it has something for every occasion. I met one of my good friends while abroad, who personally showed me and two other exchange students the Great Ocean Road - Australian hospitality at its finest! My study abroad experience allowed me to make friends I will have for life."

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