TAFE International Western Australia, English Language Centres

Western Australian TAFE colleges offer high-quality, nationally recognised English courses and are government backed and guaranteed. Study English at one of two TAFE English Language Centres located in Perth, in different English language programs designed to suit the individual needs of international students.

TAFE colleges are located across Western Australia and are government-owned and operated. Students can study English at North Metropolitan TAFE and South Metropolitan TAFE English Language Centres.

Both TAFE colleges offer a range of English courses delivered by highly qualified teachers to students representing more than 110 nationalities. The campuses are centrally located in Perth, one of Australia's most dynamic and prosperous cities.

Great reasons to study English at TAFE in Western Australia

  • Programs are fully accredited by the National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) and both centres are members of English Australia
  • Student diversity
  • Small class sizes
  • Security of government operation
  • Flexibility to choose your English program and language centre
  • Expertise of highly qualified teachers
  • Cultural experience - you mix with local students and students from overseas
  • You can study more than 250 vocational education and training courses at TAFE Western Australia.

Visit www.tafeinternational.wa.edu.au/study-english to learn more about studying English at TAFE Western Australia.

View all TAFE Western Australia (WA), English Language Centres courses

English for Academic Purposes (013025F)

This course will help you develop the basic skills necessary for successful study in Certificate and Diploma courses. (Available at North Metropolitan TAFE)

General and Academic English (013023G)

General English courses will help you to develop your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. You will improve your English language skills for general everyday travel, work in an English speaking country, or for further academic study. Academic English courses will help you develop the basic skills necessary for successful study in Certificate and Diploma courses. (Available at North Metropolitan TAFE (General English only) and South Metropolitan TAFE

IELTS Ready Preparation (061803D)

This course will take you through the structure of the IELTS test using official IELTS practice tests. You will receive feedback from experienced lecturers, some are experienced IELTS assessors. (Available at South Metropolitan TAFE)

IELTS Plus (041750M)

These courses are for students at upper-intermediate and advanced levels who are preparing to enter certificate and diploma courses or university study. The course focuses on developing the skills and knowledge needed to take an IELTS test, and improving academic language and study skills in an Australian context. (Available at North Metropolitan TAFE)

Vocational English courses

Certificates I-IV are nationally accredited courses. Each course is 20 weeks duration. Completion of Certificate IV is an accepted English language level for entry into most vocational education courses. (Available at South Metropolitan TAFE and selected regional TAFE colleges)

You will be provided information about:

  • living and studying in Perth
  • courses, further study, visas and accommodation options
  • social and recreational activities.

Modern facilities

  • Fully equipped computer labs with internet access and computer-assisted language learning
  • Extensive Learning Resource Centres on campus with videos, newspapers, textbooks and instructional media
  • Bookshops, sports facilities, caf
  • Central Institute of Technology


  • Polytechnic West


Veronica Winifred Hill Magson, Zambia

North Metropolitan TAFE - ELICOS

'I thought starting at North Metropolitan TAFE in Perth would be a really good starting point for my studies. I would like to do further studies at TAFE and then go to university. ELICOS is very helpful for my studies, the teachers are very patient. I love living in Perth, it is very developed and totally safe.'

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