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The study abroad program at Murdoch University attracts students from all over the world. It is designed to give international students the opportunity to spend one or two semesters of their undergraduate degree in Perth, whilst earning credits that can be transferred back to their home country university. Studying abroad is not only about study. Murdoch University aims to provide a total experience that is second to none.

Sophisticated yet uncomplicated, the lifestyle in Western Australia is a relaxed one. Located in Perth, Murdoch University gets the privilege of enjoying gorgeous West Coast sunsets, beautiful white sand beaches and scenic natural landscapes, as well as a cosmopolitan city setting, with blue skies and a sunny climate almost all year round!

Murdoch University is committed to the pursuit of excellence and has achieved an international reputation for the quality of its teaching and research. With industry partners such as Wesfarmers Energy and the Western Australian Department of Agriculture, Murdoch is one of the leading research universities in Australia. Murdoch makes a difference; many of Murdoch's research projects have resulted in benefits to society, including plant disease control, animal health, clean air, waste treatment and environmental technology. The university takes pride in the fact that it has some of the best-qualified academic staff in Australia.

We also feel that a student's time at Murdoch should involve much more than getting a degree. Thus, Murdoch places an emphasis on the whole university lifestyle. After all, university education is not just about the lectures or the tutorials; it is not only what you learn in class, it is really what you gain from the entire experience. With a student population of 19,000 (including some 3000 international students from over 100 countries around the world), excellent staff-student relations, state-of-the-art facilities, excellent student services and a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, Murdoch might just be the experience that you are looking for!

As a study abroad student you will have a wide choice of subjects across the disciplines offered on campus, enabling you not only to meet the subject requirements of your home institution but also to deepen or broaden your educational experience by studying subjects not available to you at home. With new and exciting subjects to choose from - such as Australian and Indigenous studies, Asian studies, marine science, business and communications - there is something to suit everyone.

Murdoch has an open door academic policy, which means that you can approach academic staff at any time, rather than only during a set appointment time per week. Academic staff are always very approachable and friendly, and questions are always welcome.

Also, we have a one-stop shop in 'The Student Centre' where students can pop by to ask just about anything. There is always great communication between students and staff, which is probably one of the reasons why Murdoch is the only Australian university to have achieved a five-star rating for 'Graduate Satisfaction' 15 times (The Good Universities Guide).

Nicole Bickford-St Pierre, Alaska

Study Abroad

Why did you pick Australia? Since I was young I've wanted to travel the world. One destination that has always been top of my list is Australia. When it came time to apply to study abroad, I didn't really even consider any other places to travel to. The only tough part was picking WHERE in Australia, everywhere sounded amazing! I chose Perth because I kept hearing that it stayed hot and gorgeous year round and was close to incredible beached down south, which couldn't be more true! Why did you pick Murdoch? Murdoch had a very enticing section in my study abroad booklet, raving about not only the campus and the home-away-from-home lifestyle in the Student Village, but also the classes and professors. Also, with it being so close to great beaches, Fremantle, and Perth city, there was really nothing negative about coming to Murdoch. What really sealed it for me was the highly acclaimed Vet program offered there. What are you studying at Murdoch? At my home university in Alaska I'm a 'Natural Sciences' major, because there are no veterinary science classes offered. Here at Murdoch I've been able to pursue my goal of becoming a veterinarian further by taking a few vet units! I also took a few classes like Theatre and World Writing, which were both very hands-on. Both gave me a totally different perspective to a class that I expected to be a repeat to what I'd already studied. What were your expectations before you came to Murdoch, were your expectations met? My expectations were to explore as much or Australia as my time (and funds) here could take me. I expected to bury myself in the books and to hopefully make some life-long friends. My expectations were crushed and replaced with an even better reality! Though the school work IS tough, the classes are so interesting and the subjects are compelling. I loved all my classes, and along with school and work I had to learn to really prioritize so I could include trips with friends and sunny days at the beach! What has been the highlight for you so far? Not to sound cheesy, but everyday includes another highlight for me. Each and every day I'm making amazing new memories with friends, and taking big risks, learning to enjoy the little things. One event that always sticks out in my mind was a weekend when my friends and I road tripped to watch our room mates footy game, then all drove down to Margaret River down south. It was by far the most breath taking scenery I've ever viewed, and being there with new friends made it such a perfect experience! Another awesome memory is when I first explored Perth City for an entire day. The culture, food, and people were all unique and incredible. And nothing could beat the view of the Perth City skyline at night. How has studying in Australia benefitted you so far? So many countless ways. I've grown as a student, friend, and person! I had to learn to multitask and prioritise, and learned to be confident and take risks that I usually would shy away from (like jumping off a massive rocky cliff the first month I was here!) I've learned so much about who I am and who I want to be as a person and in my career as a veterinarian. I've never been more driven and focused to succeed than here in Australia. I wouldn't change my experiences here for anything!

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