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One of the great things about studying abroad or on exchange at ECU is that you have a wide variety of units you can choose from the many study areas offered across the university. These may complement or form part of your home university course.

We offer a supportive study environment with approachable teaching staff, as well as a range of support staff, including counsellors and learning advisers, to assist you on your learning journey.

We are known for our award-winning facilities and are at the forefront of providing innovative education and training solutions. 

Our campuses offer sporting and fitness facilities, recreational and social clubs and societies, cafés, childcare centres, security services and more, all to enhance your university experience.

ECU Study Abroad and Exchange Program 

The ECU Study Abroad and Exchange Program offers an enriching international experience that can help you reach your potential through broadening your academic, professional and personal horizons. 

Through the ECU Study Abroad and Exchange Program, you can study at ECU for one or two semesters as part of your degree in your home country.

The ECU Study Abroad and Exchange Program attracts over 100 international students each year from many countries, including Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan and the United States.

Exchange students

If your home university has an official exchange agreement with ECU, you can apply through your home university to be nominated to ECU as an exchange student. As an exchange student at ECU, you continue to pay your tuition fees to your home university while on exchange and you would not pay any tuition fees to ECU. You should contact the International Office at your home university for further information on how you can be nominated to ECU as an exchange student.

Study abroad students

If your home university does not have an official exchange agreement with ECU or if your home institution is unable to offer you an exchange place at ECU, you could apply to study at ECU as a study abroad student. Study abroad students pay a set study abroad tuition fee per semester to ECU, which is subject to annual change.

We offer a diverse range of units across eight broad study areas:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business and Law
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Medical and Health Sciences
  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Science
  • Teacher Education
  • Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

For more information, visit ecugetready.com.au/international.

What does the study abroad and exchange program include?

  • ECU enrolment (prior to arrival): We know how important unit selection and enrolment is when studying abroad, so you will be able to enrol online for your semester prior to your arrival here. We can assist you with this.
  • Pre-departure information
  • Arrival reception
  • Orientation Program, including My International Day welcome
  • Buddy Program: You can register to be matched up to a current ECU student volunteer (buddy) to help you adjust more quickly to your new academic and cultural environment.
  • Involvement with the ECU community: You will be invited to promote your home country and university through participation in our annual promotional events.
  • ECU Statement of Academic Record (Transcript): You will receive one free official transcript showing the ECU units you complete and the grades/marks received. 

ECU has two metropolitan campuses — one in Joondalup and one in Mount Lawley, near the capital city of Perth. ECU also serves Western Australia’s South West Region from a campus at Bunbury. Located less than 200 kilometres south of Perth, our South West Campus is the largest university campus in regional Western Australia. All of our campuses can be accessed conveniently via public transport.

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Student Profiles

Marte Nickelsen, Norway

Study Abroad Program

"I came to Australia because I wanted to experience something different. I had the opportunity to come to ECU and continue my nursing degree as a part of the study abroad program of my school in Norway... Here at ECU I have gained more confidence by having to speak another language and also meeting new people. As a part of my course I have gained hands on experience from my 2-week rotational work placement in hospitals. I love being in Perth and studying here. It has been a great experience; I have done so many things I couldn't do at home like surfing. I have had a good experience at ECU. I love the campus, the people, the large facilities and resources."

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