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Whatever your English speaking ability, we can help you to lift it to new heights. Aviation Australia uses the latest teaching methods and systems to give you the English language skills and confidence needed to enter into a career in the aviation industry or to undertake further study in Australia.

A successful career can bring you prestige, respect, security and financial reward, but to be sure that your career gets off to a flying start, you need the sort of professional English training that ensures your English language abilities will be internationally recognised.

Aviation Australia's English Language Centre is located within the Brisbane International Airport precinct, surrounded by aviation activity. As a student, you will experience first-hand all the excitement and thrills the aviation industry has to offer and be improving your English abilities at the same time.

Graduates from Aviation Australia's English language programs will gain direct entry into our engineering and flight attendant programs.

Our team of lecturers is made up of highly experienced people from all over the world, so you can be confident that you'll graduate from your course with a level of skill and knowledge that is up to date, relevant and a great advantage when seeking employment.

But we're more than just an outstanding training facility. We're a vibrant, dynamic community of students and staff from all over the planet, so there's a great diversity of languages, cultures and experiences that combine in a healthy, tolerant community of people with a shared sense of purpose.

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Because we're an aviation training college, you'll find that both our English language courses have a natural tendency for content to be aviation-based and incorporate an amount of technical language that is specific to our industry.

English for General Purposes
This course is designed for international students whose current English ability ranges from beginner to upper-intermediate and who wish to improve their command of the language to the level required to gain a career in the aviation industry.

English for Academic Purposes
This course is structured for international students who already possess a high level of English and who want to further raise that so they can enter tertiary studies in Australia.

When you choose to study English language at Aviation Australia, you're choosing training that is relevant and interesting, while learning in an exciting aviation-based environment.

To begin your studies at Aviation Australia, contact us or your local agent today!

At Aviation Australia, we understand the challenges of finding your way in a foreign country. Our Student Services Team is here to help you in every way possible to adapt to the Australian lifestyle and culture so you can focus on your studies without other worries.

Our Student Services Officers are caring and supportive people with a terrific amount of experience, resources and contacts. They're able to assist you with every aspect of settling into student life, from accommodation and academic guidance to career advice and student mentoring.

With our help, you'll soon feel right at home.

Kensuki (Ken) Orimoto, Japan

Certificate II in Aviation (Flight Operations) (Cabin Crew)

Ken has been living in Australia for almost a year and he enjoys the relaxed lifestyle. While the Cabin crew course is full time, on weekends Ken enjoys visiting cafes, parks, clubbing (and sampling Australia's many varieties of beer), and when he gets a chance heading to nearby islands and of course the famous Gold Coast. Ken says he is really enjoying the Cabin Crew course and is impressed with the extensive industry experience that Aviation Australia's instructors have to offer. He particularly likes the hands-on aspects of the courses and feels that the instructors work hard to make the course fun and interesting. While in Australia Ken has made many Australians and international friends and has found people to be very friendly and helpful. Before heading back to Japan, and continuing with his university course with a view to starting a career in aviation, Ken would like to spend some more time travelling around Australia and seeing some more of its fascinating sights. As for the Cabin Crew course, Ken says 'Just do it! The course is fun and the skills that you learn also apply to your life in areas outside of work.'

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