Alphington Grammar School

Alphington Grammar School
Alphington Grammar School is a Coeducation combined school, serving years ELC-12. The uniform is compulsory and enforced. Alphington Grammar School is located in VIC, Melbourne Northern Suburbs region. Alphington Grammar School is 1 of 29 independent schools in the Alphington area.

Why Study at Alphington?

Alphington Grammar School enrols international students across Primary and Secondary years, as well as into our High School Preparation Program (HSPP). We welcome students from a wide range of countries, including China, the USA, Indonesia, and Vietnam, and we hold this diversity in extremely high regard.

Our international students benefit from a personalised approach to their academic studies, especially in VCE. We are aware that not all students will come to us with the same skills or levels of English proficiency, and to address this, Alphington offers various preparation classes.

At Alphington, we provide academic challenges and social opportunities within a culturally inclusive Australian environment. International students have noted their favourites features of the Alphington experience to be the value of the ‘tutor style’ teaching in small groups and the natural landscaped campus setting of the school, which sits at the foot of quintessential Australian parklands.

Homestay accommodation

Alphington Grammar School requires international students enrolled at the school over the age of 13 to reside in Homestay Accommodation provided by one of the school’s registered providers and approved by the school. All international students under the age of 13 are to live with a parent or eligible relative who must hold the appropriate visa (subclass 590), obtained by the Department of Home Affairs.

Alphington regards living in Homestay Accommodation as an important element of the international student experience. Homestay living provides students with support and encouragement as well as an opportunity to learn about and experience authentic Australian home life and culture, and develop friendships which often last a lifetime.

Alphington works with the Australian Homestay Network (AHN) and Student Accommodation Services (SAS) to organise our students’ Homestay Accommodation

Alphington Grammar School accepts full responsibility for approving accommodation, support and general welfare arrangements for students of the school, and when a CAAW (Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare) is issued by Alphington, the school does not delegate, outsource or contract out that responsibility.

Our Homestay Accommodation Policy can be found here and provides greater insight into the Homestay Process and the standards for the homes in which the students under our care and supervision will reside.

Life in Melbourne

During their time at Alphington Grammar School, we encourage our international students to explore our vibrant city and the opportunities it holds. The majority of international students over the age of 13 live with an assigned Homestay Family during their journey with Alphington Grammar School, whilst students under the age of 13 are required to live with their Parent/Guardian approved by the Department of Home Affairs, who must hold the appropriate Guardian Visa.

Our International Student Coordinator works closely with our international students, their parent liaisons, parents/guardians and homestay families to ensure that the transition from the student’s own home country to Alphington Grammar and life in Melbourne runs smoothly.





The uniform is compulsory and enforced
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