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An estimated 500,000 pilots are required globally over the next 20 years. As emerging economies grow, so does the demand for airline flight. If you dream of being a pilot, join us at the Airline Academy of Australia for pilot training programs proudly backed by 100 years of aviation history!

With over 100 years of proud history in the global aviation community, the Airline Academy warmly welcomes international students at our world-class pilot training facilities in Australia. International students, from complete beginners to experienced pilots, are provided with comprehensive support and qualifications that are highly regarded throughout the world.

The Airline Academy is owned and operated by the Royal Queensland Aero Club Limited, one of the oldest flying schools in the world, and is one of only nine flight training providers appointed globally to deliver ab-initio training through the Jeppesen Flight Training Network, part of the Boeing Pilot Development Programme. The Airline Academy is also proud to deliver a Graduate Diploma of Flight Management for local universities and has been appointed as the aviation training provider for Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport - Australia's newest airport.

Certificate IV in Aviation + Diploma of Aviation package
Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) + MECIR (65 weeks)

CRICOS: AVI40108 / 080122E + AVI50408 / 065685F

The Certificate IV + Diploma of Aviation package is the Academy's most popular program for international students. This program includes the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) training from beginner level, which makes up the certificate IV component of this package. A CPL entitles the holder to fly aircraft for private or commercial purposes and carry paying passengers or freight. The diploma component includes multi-engine command instrument rating (MECIR) training, which provides important skills and qualifications that enable a pilot to commercially fly multi-engine aircraft under a broad range of flying conditions, such as flying in clouds or at night. This additional training significantly increases graduate employability as it is highly regarded by employers. The package program includes over 200 hours of flying training, instructor-assisted preparation time, over 200 hours of ground theory, and all required study materials and exams. Students also have access to a number of relevant program packaging options and upgrades to suit their desired training experience and outcome.

For holders of a recognised CPL, the MECIR can also be undertaken as a separate 13-week program.

Certificate IV in Aviation
Commercial Pilot Licence (one year)

CRICOS: AVI40108 / 080122E

The Certificate IV in Aviation program delivers the training required for the CPL but does not include multi-engine command instrument rating (MECIR) training. A CPL entitles the holder to fly aircraft for private or commercial purposes and carry paying passengers or freight, but there are restrictions on the type of aircraft that may be flown and the environmental conditions that may be flown in.

Other courses and conversions

Customised training is available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Entry requirements

Senior high school completion is required, along with a minimum 5.5 IELTS score. Applicants should be 18 years old at the commencement of training.


There are several intakes per year.

Our International Education Services Office provides international students with comprehensive support and advice throughout their entire relationship with the Airline Academy. A range of accommodation options is available through cooperating agencies and apartment complexes.

Gerardo, Colombia

Certificate IV and Diploma of Aviation

I am Gerardo, an international student from Colombia at the Airline Academy of Australia where I study for my commercial pilot licence and multi-engine command instrument ratings through the Certificate IV and Diploma of Aviation. Pilot training is a serious investment but this school is large, reliable and has a history of over 100 years. The instructors are very calm and patient in ground school (theory training) and flying. In my experience, the academy has great facilities, a large fleet and an ideal training airport, which has a tower so we can practise to a professional level, but there are no large airliners, making it much safer at the earlier stages of training. The academy takes safety very seriously and the maintenance of aircraft is well above regulation requirements. Staff and instructors are professional and take the training very seriously, so I feel that I am in safe, competent hands at all times. Brisbane city is really great, with a friendly and relaxed community and lifestyle, good food and plenty of entertainment. Also, there are lots of students and residents from around the world so it has a very international and multicultural feeling. My experience at the academy is very positive!

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