Which music is best for studying?
The right music can give you a lift when you are struggling to gain the motivation to work, or it can help to calm down any nerves you may have about your impending assignment or exam.   

30 Apr 2020

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Ratings review: The best universities in Australia for health services and support
We looked at which Australian universities with undergraduate health services and support degrees performed best in learning resourcesskills development and graduate salary.  

22 Apr 2020

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Benefits of studying in regional Australia
Attending a regional university gives you the chance to study, work and immerse yourself in the local community. You’ll also create networks and opportunities for employment!

06 Apr 2020

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4 ways being bilingual can benefit your career
Here are just four ways, learning a new language may help you in your career.

04 Mar 2020

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Great options for student accommodation in Australia

Here are five great student residences around Australia that might help with your planning.

28 Feb 2020

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