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The University of Tasmania English Language Centre delivers English courses designed to meet the needs of international students. Whether it is to boost global career prospects, IELTS preparation assistance or direct entry into university, there is a program to help achieve those goals.

About Us

The English Language Centre is located in attractive surroundings on campuses at Hobart and Launceston. Students at the English Language Centre have use of all UTAS facilities - a cafeteria, cafes, a sports centre, computer laboratories, libraries, travel and medical centres, and a full range of social clubs and activities. Both campuses offer an enjoyable and safe environment for study. They are set in beautiful landscaped grounds a few kilometres from the city centre, and most students are able to live within walking distance of the English Language Centre.


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UTASAccess Levels 1 to 7 (preintermediate to advanced)
Length: 5 weeks each, 9 start dates per year

The UTASAccess multi-level course provides a Direct Entry pathway to all UTAS degree programs. Students may start a Direct Entry program at any of the UTASAccess levels, and completion of Level 7 with the required pass marks satisfies the English requirement into all University of Tasmania courses, including the Australian Maritime College.

UTASAccess Levels 1, 2 and 3 build the fundamentals of English language, allowing students to take confident steps towards success in higher education and global workplaces. Levels 4 and 5 incorporate academic learning and aid preparation for exams such as IELTS. Successful completion of Level 5 satisfies the English language requirement of the UTAS Foundation Studies Program. UTASAccess Levels 6 and 7 provide rigorous academic English skills preparation, helping students acquire the English levels and skills required to undertake studies in UTAS degree programs.

UTAS Foundation Studies Program
This intensive 28-week program is designed for international students who need to upgrade their academic skills for entry into UTAS undergraduate degree programs. Start dates are in March and October, and students are placed into Science and Engineering, Business and Finance or Culture and Communication streams depending on undergraduate degree choices. The UTAS Foundation Studies Program provides an excellent opportunity to commence a UTAS degree after 28 weeks of study. The UTAS scholarship program also extends to the Foundation Studies Program for those with outstanding academic results.

For further details and entry requirements into all our programs, see

The English Language Centre is Tasmania's only IELTS Test Centre, and tests are held throughout the year in Hobart and Launceston. Excellent preparation and practice for the IELTS exam is provided within the UTASAccess levels of study.

Study tour and group programs
Incorporating English language and/or tailored learning, cultural activities and Tasmania's stunning natural environment, customised programs to meet the specific needs of international study groups are available in Hobart and Launceston.

Student Services

  • pre-departure information to help you plan for your travel to Tasmania
  • comprehensive orientation program
  • placement test and regular academic monitoring to ensure satisfactory progress
  • individual confidential assistance on personal wellbeing and academic matters
  • regular monitoring of academic progress in each module
  • returning home information to help you make a smooth transition
  • provision of official letters regarding visas, completion and so on

The English Language Centre offers a full range of affordable accommodation options, including homestay, student colleges and residences on campus, self-catered university apartments and shared housing off campus. The cost of living in Tasmania is generally lower than other Australian states.


  • Tuition fees: AUD$360 per week for all UTASAccess courses and AUD$12,500 for the Foundation Studies Program
  • Administration fee: AUD$200
  • Airport pick-up: free

* based on fees as at July 2013


English Language Centre

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